I have been asked by a number of people where I have been for the month of October and now into November. The answer is that I have been working on several large papers for my classes, my book, and work. That may not seem like enough to keep me from blogging but let me fill you in on the details.

In mid-October while unable to sleep, much like tonight, I was struck with inspiration.

No, it didn’t hurt that much.

I got an idea that I believe will work well for a web based business. This blog is not dedicated to making money on the web, although I have mentioned time and time again how the web is the purest form of business.

This idea, which I will not disclose until everything is done, trade secrets and such, I then took to my best friend Nate. Nate is a web developer and we discussed the idea. I have ideas constantly and keep a notebook, a real one not a laptop, with me at all times to write down these ideas. Anyway, Nate and I took the top three ideas that could be developed into a web asset.

Thats right a web asset not just a web business. I don’t mind working in the least but I want my work to be towards building a life of wealth and balance instead of just working to pay the bills.
We looked at a rough breakdown of the development work that needed to be put into the three ideas and picked one to go with.

Nate and I have been looking to do business together for several years now but he is not the only entrepreneurial friend that I have. Another friend of mine and I have been looking to build a web asset or two to help with our personal finances. We were discussing several other of my ideas, as I said I have these ideas constantly, some good, some bad and some odd, when I offhandedly mentioned that I had a new idea that had been shelved due to the development time. My friend Gene asked what it was and I gave him a rough sketch.

No, I am not going to do the same for you. Sorry, but that is how some things in life work.

Things have progressed quickly since that. Two days later Gene had a potential investor lined up and then I called Nate to see if he would get on board if  we had some capital. With more than one developer the project can see the light of day or the glow of the computer screen if you prefer, much faster than with simply having Nate do all the work.

That was two weeks ago.

After coming up with a rough business plan with Gene I set about fleshing the idea out some more. Several documents later we were ready for our first corporate meeting.

That happened yesterday. It went very well and we should have a dog and pony show for investors in two weeks or so. We incorporate this week as a member managed LLC.

Less than one month from idea to incorporation. Fast eh?

I can tell you the name of our company: Spinning Kings, LLC

Good name eh? Why thank you.

With some investment capital we can have the basic framework up and running in less than six months. We are currently doing market research to see just how profitable this idea could be but an extra thousand a month would make quite the difference to everyone involved.

My point being that the idea does not have to be the next iPod or Windows XP to make a difference in my life, just one brick in my path will be fine with me.

As if that were not enough I have a potential job lead that could be quite a lot of fun. Again, no details but it is enough to say that I would be making more than what my current income is.  Then again I would have to take some distance learning courses at my university and there is quite a commute involved. It is not like I have been offered the job or anything yet so I am trying not to count my chickens before they are hatched or anything but it is exciting.

My book is now being penned. Actually penned, I prefer to get my creative stuff out on paper for the most part. I tend to be able to improve on my writing when I transcribe it onto a computer so the process seems to work well for me.

No end in sight but I do have a publishers ear when I finish it. Helps to know the right people to talk to when doing any kind of creative work.

Did I mention that Gene and the forth partner in my business specialize in intellectual property and contracts?  I have been burnt in business before so I am working to minimize the potential damage to friendships and any profit by being proactive. We have already drawn up the breakdown agreements and everybody is satisfied with their share. Or so I am told eh? I am happy with my chunk.

Other than that my health, mental and physical has been fine. My cousin got married recently and I was able to be part of his wedding, which was quite a bit of fun.

Life is good. My only problem right now is wondering if there is something just waiting to go wrong. When I say life is good I mean that literally. My life has not been better than right now in the last seven years or so. My growth as a person is finally moving forward and I feel like I am making progress in all my endeavors instead of simply treading water.

To that other shoe out there, I know you are out there waiting to drop. Life is like that. I can only hope that I am able to put it on and stride away with a smile on my face.

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