This month I have been working to clear my head and while I will write more on that later I came across a post on Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog today that I found a bit inspiring. Scott asked people to share their comments and such and that was even more energizing so I wrote a short comment of my own. It is posted below.

I had just gotten home from South Africa and was looking forward to starting my junior year in high school. I had spent the summer helping out children who had a.i.d.s in the ghettos around Cape Town when I myself started to get quite sick. To make a long and painful story short, I had picked up a blood parasite of some sort in Africa. I spent most of my Junior year in high school in bed and all of my Senior year not only bedridden but in and out of the hospital while specialists scratched their heads (and asses?). I was too weak to hold a book or do more than take a few steps a day. I went through various treatments including chemo and a brief bout with rad therapy. College looked like it was never going to happen and there was talk of putting me in a long term care facility, basically a daycare for sick people. One of the things that I clearly remember, sadly my memories are very blurry thanks to the various drugs and the actual sickness, is staring at the ceiling while barely able to breathe and refusing to end my days at 18. I refused to give up on life. I also refused to see any more doctors, which didn’t do much good given that I couldn’t exactly put up any kind of physical resistance. After that day I slowly started to get better. Very slowly but I had made up my mind that I was not going to give up and I did not. I actually made it into college, despite my total absence of a senior year and by the time my peers had entered college I was able to walk around and was not in extreme pain anymore. This was 5 years ago and my health problems have continued but I remember the very first day that I was able to walk without pain. It was heaven. I cried and for the first time in a year or more it was not from pain. They can find no trace of the parasite in my body and while my immune system is not the greatest around my life is good.

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